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The SBT Public School is a co-educational English medium School based on CBSE pattern. It aims to create an environment for constructive active. The basic driving forces of our school are the golden words "Educate yourself for better living.” The school gives a strong foundation to the formal education. Along with laying a strong academic foundation, we stimulate creativity and imagination fostering cognitive growth. The school imparts not only quality education but also endeavour to imbibe Devotion, Discipline, Obedience, High moral and social values through various extracurricular activities.
SBT Public School, directed by Mr. S.N. Tripathi. "World class studies with world class facilities" is the mantra of SBT Public School. Globalization has changed our mind and we want world class facilities everywhere. We are ready to go out in other Cities and Countries or to send our kids to boarding. Because we think that there are no such schools in our City like Gauri Bazar which could provide quality education. Now SBT Public School, in our city is coming up with world class facilities.
There are many parents who want their Children to be in a high profile job such as Doctor, Engineer, Civil Servants and similar other jobs. But they are not very concerned about the pre-school education. Some want to give quality education since nursery, but they don't know where to go. Pre-school is the place where kids learn the spoken words and the first stroke of writing. The basic education of the kid helps in building his/her complete personality. That's why we emphasizes on not only providing quality education to kids but also teaching them the real values of life.
Our future agenda is to spread out this school from class X" to Intermediate. Here the franchisees are well thoughtful people who have very immense plans with the school and believe in the teamwork.
"Coming together is Beginning, Keeping together is Progress and Working together is Success". This is the definition of teamwork, we are following here.
At pre-school, children will get the essential love and responsiveness by professionally trained teachers. The reason why we have chosen Gauri Bazar area (Bak hara) for foundation of this school is that there is no such school in this location which can provide quality education. We have well-furnished rooms and every year we have a big plan to introduce. We hire only trained staff and teachers.
Money is not an aim at all. We want to build thoughts among the Children and we believe that growing kids are the future of India.
SBT Public School promises that it will provide abundant space to encourage complete development of kids.

Pre-Primary & Primary


A preschool is for early childhood kids from age group of 3 to 5 years. This is the youngest stretch of early childhood education. SBT prepare small kids by making them learn good habits and manners. We promote learning through storytelling, different types of play, games and experiments. We take up the big responsibility for educating and caring for kids. Our main focus is on the overall personality development of children.

Our teachers are expected to love children, care about education and monitor the kids in their care for any social, behavioral or developmental problems. Our teachers also build and maintain relationships with parents / guardians to further support pupils and to ensure that the correct support is available. Therefore, in the early years of a child, teachers play a crucial role in preparation for a successful transition to primary school education.

           In short SBT is “a home away from home”

Primary Education

SBT Public School builds on the spirit of exploration during Primary Education using a teaching-learning process that is collaborative and based on discovery.

We'll facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with students and the school learning resources and the classroom learning environment. Our teacher have passion to inspire young minds and a commitment to ensuring that every child achieves their potential. Our role is to develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude.


SBT Public School teaches as CBSE recommended system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. SBT Public School believes in morden education, rather than merely focusing on rote-learning and text-book knowledge. Our learning philosophy aims towards all round development of the students and also to bring forth the innate skills & talent. The focus of learning is to make the students self-reliant and confident to face the challenges of himself. He must undertake responsibility of life and confront its problems.

Audio Visual Teaching

The academic system in SBT aims to provide wholesome education to the student. Individual attention is ensured through its small class size. Extensive use of audio - video aids, educational CD’s, practical demonstrations, specifically designed worksheets ensure that learning is not a monotonous experience but an interesting and enriching activity.

We believe that visual learning has a greater understanding and impact on the growing minds of the students. Also, the lessons become more interesting if they are taught differently rather than the usual text book teaching.

Art & Craft

The truth is that art is vital, if somewhat intangible, and that if children engage in hands-on art activities, they learn much better in all disciplines. (Painting, Sketching, Design, Sculpture, Dancing, Music etc.) form an important part of our broad non-academic curriculum. A formal education in Art and Craft at our school includes specially designed programme activities, examinations, systems and resource materials. This results in better performance in interdisciplinary activities, cognitive development, well-rounded personal development and an attitude of sustainability.

Physical Edu. & Sports

The Physical Education and Sports programme at SBT Public School aims at improving the health and fitness levels of all our students, and has been structured to develop stamina, sportsmanship, and skills that meet the varying needs of different age groups.

Co-scholastic Programme

SBT Public School aims to put in place a Co-scholastic Activity Programme that is in line with our philosophy - 'Academics come first'. At the same time, we believe that a diversified exposure will lead to effective and all-round development of our students. These activities promise to be an integral part of the learning process, complementing the school's academic offerings.

Our Co-scholastic activities provide students with a different setting to develop and 'seek out excellence'. These outside-the-classroom activities cultivate in students positive qualities of leadership, teamwork and responsibility and at the same time give them enjoyment and a sense of purpose.

Welcome To SBT Public School

The SBT Public School is a co-educational English medium Senior Secondary School based on CBSE pattern.
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