Admission Open Session 2023 – 2023

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The SBT Public School is a co-educational English medium School based on CBSE pattern. It aims to create an environment for constructive active. The basic driving forces of our school are the golden words "Educate yourself for better living.” The school gives a strong foundation to the formal education. Along with laying a strong academic foundation, we stimulate creativity and imagination fostering cognitive growth. The school imparts not only quality education but also endeavour to imbibe Devotion, Discipline, Obedience, High moral and social values through various extracurricular activities.
SBT Public School, directed by Mr. S.N. Tripathi. "World class studies with world class facilities" is the mantra of SBT Public School. Globalization has changed our mind and we want world class facilities everywhere. We are ready to go out in other Cities and Countries or to send our kids to boarding. Because we think that there are no such schools in our City like Gauri Bazar which could provide quality education. Now SBT Public School, in our city is coming up with world class facilities.
There are many parents who want their Children to be in a high profile job such as Doctor, Engineer, Civil Servants and similar other jobs. But they are not very concerned about the pre-school education. Some want to give quality education since nursery, but they don't know where to go. Pre-school is the place where kids learn the spoken words and the first stroke of writing. The basic education of the kid helps in building his/her complete personality. That's why we emphasizes on not only providing quality education to kids but also teaching them the real values of life.
Our future agenda is to spread out this school from class X" to Intermediate. Here the franchisees are well thoughtful people who have very immense plans with the school and believe in the teamwork.
"Coming together is Beginning, Keeping together is Progress and Working together is Success". This is the definition of teamwork, we are following here.
At pre-school, children will get the essential love and responsiveness by professionally trained teachers. The reason why we have chosen Gauri Bazar area (Bak hara) for foundation of this school is that there is no such school in this location which can provide quality education. We have well-furnished rooms and every year we have a big plan to introduce. We hire only trained staff and teachers.
Money is not an aim at all. We want to build thoughts among the Children and we believe that growing kids are the future of India.
SBT Public School promises that it will provide abundant space to encourage complete development of kids.

Admission Process

Enrolment, Registration & Application Procedure

Parents can register their child for admission to SBT Public School using any one of the following options:

1. Purchase the Registration Form for a fee of Rs.300 from the School, duly fill it and submit it at the school.

2. Download the Registration Form from our website, take a print, duly fill it and submit it at the School, along with the Registration Fee of Rs.300.

3. Register Online via the Online Registration option available on our website. You would be required to pay the Registration fee of Rs.300 through our online payment gateway.

Admission Guidelines for Academic Session 2022-2023

SBT Public School believes in providing a transparent and inclusive admission process for all prospective students. The school clearly communicates every aspect of its policies to parents.

Admissions open for Pre Nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten and Classes I-IX & XI.

Age Criteria

ClassEntry Age (as on March 31, 2022)
PRE-NURSERY2 yrs 3 months
NURSERY3 yrs 3 months
KINDERGARTEN4 yrs 3 months

For all other classes the criteria the school requires the latest performance record and school leaving certificate

Inclusive Education

  • SBT Public School also provides admission to children with Special Educational Needs.
  • RTE: The school takes admissions under the Right to Education Act.

Welcome To SBT Public School

The SBT Public School is a co-educational English medium Senior Secondary School based on CBSE pattern.
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